Costco: It’s Time to Go Cage-Free

A Costco egg supplier was recently found cramming chickens into tiny cages, forcing birds to live in cages with the decayed, mummified corpses of their dead cage-mates, and engaging in other inhumane practices that are bad for animals and food safety.

It’s been eight years since Costco indicated publicly that it wanted to eliminate cage confinement of chickens from its supply chain. Let the company know that now is the perfect time to go cage-free!

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If you are a Costco customer, please let the company know! Either way, you can say, "I am shocked at the condition of egg-laying hens in Costco’s supply chain. These birds are crammed into cages, even though Costco indicated eight years ago that it wanted to go cage-free. It’s time to make good on that."

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