Only 12 days until Election Day!
These three ballot campaigns will have a major impact on animals.
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humane action
Oct. 21, 2010

Election Day Looms Large for Animals

Dear Friend,

Election Day is just twelve days away. I’ve reached out to you quite a bit over the past few weeks about Prop B in Missouri. If Prop B passes, it will have an impact nationwide -- there are 3,000 large-scale dog breeding facilities in Missouri churning out puppies for sale to the pet trade across the country, including approximately 40% of all puppies sold through pet stores. Requiring basic levels of care for these facilities will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs.

We’re also working on two other state campaigns: Arizona's  NO on Prop 109 to protect wildlife and voting rights and North Dakota's YES on Measure 2 to ban unfair canned hunting of tame animals.

If you have family or friends in Missouri, Arizona, or North Dakota, please let them know about these important issues.

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

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